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Perkins Engineering Consultants Joins Mead & Hunt


Perkins Engineering Consultants
Has Joined Mead & Hunt!

We’re excited to announce that Perkins Engineering Consultants, Inc. has joined Mead & Hunt, a full-service, national AEC firm.

This change is beneficial for Perkins Engineering Consultants, Inc. and Mead & Hunt clients alike. The convergence of Perkins Engineering Consultants, Inc. and Mead & Hunt’s skillsets and experience supports clients and communities by creating greater access to vital water/wastewater services nationwide. 

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Meet Our Team

In 2005, Mark Perkins had a vision for a water/wastewater engineering firm that would provide specialty consulting services to municipal, industrial and private utility wastewater system owners and operators. This vision came to life building a team skilled in civil, environmental, and chemical engineering with its focus on responsive, personalized service. Specialized services include process and pumping system design, odor and corrosion control, permit acquisition support, pretreatment program and local limit development, and system appraisals and rehabilitation. In 2021, Perkins Engineering Consultants, Inc. joined forces with Mead & Hunt, a full-service, nationwide engineering, planning, and architecture firm. Joining Mead & Hunt furthers both companies’ visions to better serve our clients and expand our geographic reach.

Offering Solutions for Your Water and Wastewater Needs

We have had the privilege of working jointly with our clients to develop innovative engineering solutions across a variety of industries from small, privately-owned utilities to some of the largest regional systems in the southern United States. Our advanced engineering services include odor control and corrosion management, water and wastewater facility condition assessment and rehabilitation assistance, discharge permit assistance, pretreatment program development, water and wastewater design services, and assistance with appraisal of utilities for sale, transfer or merger. Our solutions are tailored to meet the needs of our clients - some call for complex, innovative solutions while some are simple and inexpensive. 

Odor Control and Corrosion Management

As water and wastewater facilities age and urban areas continue to expand, odor control and corrosion management becomes more vital to utility operations, maintenance, and management. We have extensive experience and experts who can provide odor abatement master plans, odor dispersion modeling and prediction, odor control system design, corrosion rehabilitation and management, and  field investigations. Our personnel are widely recognized in this area of specialty.


Water and Wastewater Facility Condition Assessment and Rehabilitation Assistance

Our team has vast experience in water and wastewater facility condition assessments, including rehabilitation needs, structural and mechanical renovation design, and master planning for facility renovations.

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Discharge and Environmental Permitting Assistance

Obtaining or even renewing discharge permits can be a daunting task. We have the experience necessary to guide clients through very complex permitting issues.  Our team is skilled at pretreatment program and technically-based local limit development, personnel training, land application permit assistance, and preparation of nuisance odor prevention plans. Our personnel collectively have assisted with well over 100 discharge permits. 


Water and Wastewater Design Services

Our engineering team is equipped with diverse skills to meet various challenges across industries. We provide our clients with innovative solutions to meet the design requirements of projects ranging from water supply, storage, and treatment systems to wastewater conveyance, treatment and odor control systems.

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